Tuesday, December 17, 2019

George Monbiot - Sick of this market-driven world? You should be

The self-serving con of neoliberalism is that it has eroded the human values the market was supposed to emancipate

I remember having to go to company meeting once with about twenty other people to be indoctrinated with the company's ethics and future plans.

At one point we were all asked if we could think of any ideas where our company could branch out and make more money, after all, our jobs depended on it, we were told, and the competition was hot, they said, so we needed to be innovative and more dynamic.

Lots of people came with ideas, and everyone, especially the managers, seemed to be trying to out-compete each other with the best one. Even I came up with a good idea at one point, well, so said one of the managers.

Most people did very long hours at the company, and I wondered, if really, they were all as bored as I was. I looked out of the window and saw the beautiful green fields a few miles away being bathed in gorgeous sunshine and longed to be there.

This is a really good article by George Monbiot.

The workplace has been overwhelmed by a mad, Kafkaesque infrastructure of assessments, monitoring, measuring, surveillance and audits, centrally directed and rigidly planned, whose purpose is to reward the winners and punish the losers. It destroys autonomy, enterprise, innovation and loyalty, and breeds frustration, envy and fear. Through a magnificent paradox, it has led to the revival of a grand old Soviet tradition known in Russian as tufta. It means falsification of statistics to meet the diktats of unaccountable power.

The Guardian 

George Monbiot - Sick of this market-driven world? You should be


Peter Pan said...

Career, family, hobbies.
That's what generally gives people a purpose for living.
When you have a purpose for living, you will put up with a lot of shit.

Granted, humans are one of the few species who are capable of deciding that life is not worth living.

Bob Roddis said...

Gosh, I seem to recall that MMT is actually called MODERN Monetary Theory because no one still lives under a gold standard anymore and EVERYONE has a simply MAH-velous Modern fiat funny money system. Then, this MODERN system was suddenly called "neoliberalism" and it was all blamed on Hayek despite him relentlessly attacking any form of monetary policy and/or fiat money. In fact, the Austrian School is based upon the truth that fiat funny money is the CAUSE of the boom/bust cycle and wealth transfers to the elite from the masses.

I've asked this question about 48 times: How can you call an illegal, unconstitutional computer generated government run and mandated MODERN fiat funny money system "market based" or capitalism?

Just to be clear, I'm accusing you all of endless lying and engaging in journalistic and academic fraud. Change my mind.

Peter Pan said...

MMT is a moniker and a misnomer. We're stuck with it.