Monday, December 16, 2019

The Times - Meet Boris’s Babies — they’re young, fun and working class

The twentysomethings about to enter the Commons will make Westminster ‘the gayest parliament in the world’, Grant Tucker and Rosamund osamund Urwin report

Blue Labour say they represent the working class, who they say despise Corbyn and his 'communist' supporters, plus they also despise the Remain Labour centre.

Blue Labour are the very patriotic working class, with many supporting the Monarchy, the Establishment, and the ruling class. They call Corbyn supporters, like me, communists, not because we are 'anti-capitalists', but because we dislike the British establishment with its imperialism.

Blue Labour are social conservatives who also intensely dislike Identity Politics, and from their tweets they seem to like Boris Johnson quite a bit.

I've just tweeted saying how Boris Johnson and Theresa May approved of a picture book to be used in schools which had coloured drawings of boys holding hands with boys, and girls holding hands with girls, and pictures of two men (daddies) taking their children to school, and likewise, two women doing the same (mumies, they said). The book said this was normal. These conservatives are far more progressive than me.

I can't say I'm too comfortable with Identity Politics either, although I don't get too worked up about it, I'm really more interested in class politics, Third World politics, and anti-imperialism.

I'm working class myself and was brought up on a council estate on benefits as my dad became too ill to work. I worked in electronics and electrical engineering. I thought I might be able to bridge the gap with Blue Labour but after reading their tweets I don't think so anymore. They seem to want a conservative party which will take care of their interests. There's nothing wrong with that, but if they are not socialists, or don't want to work along side them, then there is no place in the Labour Party for them either, in my opinion. I'm 100% Corbyn.

I remember when I was twenty years old and I was sent to a depot to cover an electrician who was on holiday. At tea break I was reading Gaddafi's Green Book. The other guys asked me what I was reading and I said it was America's foreign policy towards the Third World. 'Oh right', they replied. I was not part of any socialist group or the Labour Party, but my friends were leftists.

The Times

Meet Boris’s Babies — they’re young, fun and working class


Peter Pan said...

Will you still support Labour after Corbyn is gone?

Kaivey said...


S400 said...

Brairites will use every trick they can come up with to stop anyone that’s not under their control. They’ve learned their lesson.

Andy Blatchford said...

Blue Labour = Neo-Strasserites.