Wednesday, November 18, 2020

China is pivoting to a more consumption and importation oriented country

 This article explains why the Chinese coped with Covid-19 better than us in the West. The Chinese save all their money and so had a nest egg to fall back on. They just work and save. To be fair to the rest of the world and the West, the Chinese government now recognises that China needs to buy more of our produce too. 

China is pivoting to a more consumption and importation oriented country to strive for a more peaceful coexistence with the West and the rest of the world. China will endeavor to become more western, ie, becoming more cicada and less ant.

China is adjusting its policy. The traditional policy to stimulate an economy is three thronged, ie, investment, consumption and exportation. This is what China has been adhering to in the past decades. Now China is pivoting to an importation and consumption oriented society. Importation of goods from all over the world is being actively encouraged.

The immense trade deficit incurred by the US is the cause of the intense persistent animosity of the US leading to the trade war which further leads to the current anti-China hysteria. During the trade negotiations, US urged the Chinese not to work so hard and not to save so much money. Chinese people should be encouraged to consume American products. Even though such an expectation from the US seemed to be fantasist at the moment and was rejected for consideration, now China is reversing its position. Chinese people and companies are being encouraged to consume more foreign products albeit for the sake of world peace.

The Chinese way of living is not exactly particular to the Chinese. Working hard saving money are also protestant values, except that the Chinese people adhere more massively and more intensely to the austere protestant values. Traditionally, Chinese work hard, save all their money, never spend anything beyond the strict necessary. Chinese are the stereotype ants and the Westerners are the stereotype cicadas. And exactly as is depicted in the fairy tale, the cicadas reap the ruin and the ants enjoy the fruits of their virtue (which by the way makes them smug and righteous). This time, the different anti-Covid19 performances between the East and West exemplify the stereotype between ants and cicadas.  

No wonder the angry cicadas are inventing horror genocide stories about the ants. Even though the ants are glorified in the fairy tale in order to teach children the virtue of delayed gratification, in reality the ants people are hated. They get the better of everyone and gloat about it. They are usually boring sullen lack luster and have zero charisma. Even if they come out of the calamities of life situations fine, nobody wants to imitate their life style. This time during the pandemic, Chinese families lost their incomes for several months but that's a bearable burden for most Chinese families, because each family has a nest egg. This In turn has lessened considerably the fiscal pressure on the Chinese government which doesn't need to organize financial relief. That's typical ants reaping the fruit of virtue...

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China is pivoting to a more consumption and importation oriented country


Andrew Anderson said...

Isn't it pathetic? That wage slaves in both the US and China must export a "mess of pottage" to each other as compensation for stolen birthrights? Such as farmland and small businesses?

To be fair, I think the Chinese have been less looted than in the US and that is also a reason they've fared better. But give em time and the banks in China will do a number on them too - especially if the US financial system is allowed in.

Bible quiz: Where does the expression "mess of pottage" come from?

Peter Pan said...

Google referred me the story of Esau.

Andrew Anderson said...

Yes, but while Esau SOLD his birthright for a "mess of pottage", the general population has been CHEATED out of their birthrights via government privileges for private credit creation and via no limits to land ownership - both of which are contrary to Scripture.