Wednesday, November 25, 2020

McKinsey — Will India get too hot to work?

While India is managing the COVID-19 pandemic, it cannot lose sight of climate risk, which is rising. The coronavirus crisis holds profound lessons that can help us address climate risk—if we make greater economic and environmental resiliency core to our planning for the recovery ahead. Indeed, economic stimulus in the wake of the pandemic can help restore growth, while also addressing climate risk.

India faces a rapidly changing and degrading physical environment. The challenges of water scarcity and air pollution are well known. Less well appreciated is the impact extreme heat and humidity will likely have on the economy and the toll it could take on human life. In this case study we analyze the direct impact of climate change-driven heat and humidity extremes on India....
Not only India.

Will India get too hot to work?
Jonathan Woetzel, Dickon Pinner, Hamid Samandari, Rajat Gupta, Hauke Engel, Mekala Krishnan, and Carter Powis

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