Thursday, November 19, 2020

International experts warn on impending danger of ‘genocide’ of Indian Muslims

Dr Stanton is the founder-president of Genocide Watch, an organization that works to predict, prevent and stop genocide and other forms of mass murder in the world. He also served in the U.S. State Department in the 1990s when he drafted the UN Security Council resolutions that created the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

He stated that the “systematic crimes against humanity is already underway” in India. He mentioned the demolition of Babri mosque and building of a temple as “important in the development of cultural underpinnings for genocide.”


CJ Werleman is an atheist liberal who disliked all fundamentalist religions, but when one day he experienced a suicide bombing when two young Muslims sat on a park bench and blew everyone around them up. He couldn't understand why anyone would do that, so he researched into it and found out that the cause was despair, humiliation, suppression, and poverty. He then changed his mind about Islam, but he's still a liberal atheist. Also, look at the racist diabolical comments under the video. 

Journalist CJ werleman, his journey, from anti-Muslim bigot to activist for Muslim human rights

CJ Werleman , a journalist, published author, political commentator, and activist who provides insights into the Israel-Palestinian conflict, injustices carried out against Muslims under the guise of the US' global war on terrorism, and rising anti-Muslim discrimination. Insights the mainstream media too often ignores.

From Palestine to Kashmir; from Burma to Syria; from India to Chechnyna; from refugee camps in Germany to those in the South Pacific; Muslims are being occupied, oppressed, bombed, and vilified. 

As has becomes the norm, however, crimes and injustices carried out against Muslims are too often overlooked by the Western media, while crimes carried out by Muslims are exaggerated and overrepresented in the media by 449% 

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