Friday, November 20, 2020

Resources Are People Too — NeilW

One aspect of commercial life that has always annoyed me is the habit of some project managers to refer to people as “resources”. It’s a wonderfully dehumanising phrase that lumps human beings, with their thoughts, feelings and aspirations, into the same category as steel ingots and rebar, to be shipped around as required by an unfeeling bureaucracy. That same disconnect is now creeping into opinion pieces as they struggle with the Modern Money reality we live in...
New Wayland
Resources Are People Too


Andrew Anderson said...

How de-humanizing is "buffer stock of labor"?

What people need is justice and INCREASED privileges for the banks and rich with wage-slavery for their victims isn't justice.

Ralph Musgrave said...

Andrew: No, no. If Wall Street bankster / criminals weren't also allowed to be the country's main welfare queens, they might have to give up their houses in the Hamptons.