Thursday, November 26, 2020

Making America ungovernable — Richard Heinberg

Collapse watch. 

Some on energy, some on social, political and economic factors. Cites Peter Turchin's research on the coming age of discord. Not much new, but he brings it together to paint a picture of what is likely to come: Tough challenges emerging with an ungovernable country and broken political system to deal with them.

The establishment Democrats that control the party are not up to the job and I would expect them to lose the House in the mid-term and likely the presidency in the next general. I would not yet count out a Trump victory in the this round either, but he is no more qualified that Joe Biden. There would just be a different set of winners and losers, but the munnie would continue to flow to the top, which is the overarching problem for the US, as Turchin's analysis shows.

Richard Heinberg
Making America ungovernable
Richard Heinberg | Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute

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Peter Pan said...

A biased and patronizing article.

The Green Party has a platform that could be made compatible with controlled degrowth. To breathe life into such initiatives, Americans have to think for themselves.

Matt Franko said...

Just have to get macro to finally flip to science ... we’ll be colonizing Mars in no time.. looks like it’s going to be the last discipline to go... but it will eventually go...