Thursday, November 26, 2020

Journey to Hogwarts ASMR (Harry Potter)

 Scientists discovered the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), where tiny sounds, like tapping beads and glass, whispers, rustling paper, flicking your fingers, etc, can trigger a relaxation response. Then alternative health practioners started making ASMR videos by whispering, rustling paper, and playing with glass beads, but they weren't very effective.

When I was 14 years old our music teacher played to the class some white noise which I thought sounded horrible, but few years later I listened to a program on the BBC which described the different types of white noise and most of it sounded much better than pure white noise, especially the pink noise.

Many of the sounds in nature are types of white noise, for example, wind, rain, the sea, trains and cars in the distance, thunderstorms, the rustling tree leaves, etc, and are some of my favourite sounds. ASMR is based on white noise too.

Nowadays ASMR has come a long way and incorporates the different types of white noise too. The two ASMR videos below are absolutely stunning, which I see as works of art, where the paintings are alive, move, and have sound. They are designed to chill you out and so are very slow. My brother sees nothing in them, but I get mesmerised by their spooky enchantment. They strike a sense of awe in me.

Three hours long for the first one and ten hours long for the second. I wonder if they use computers to model real cats as their movements are so natural and authentic.

Harry  Potter: Journey to Hogwarts 

Harry Potter: 10 Hour ASMR Ambiance


Peter Pan said...

To my understanding, ASMR is something you listen to. I don't see the point of having a video to watch, it's a distraction.

Here's an example from myNoise - it's a static picture, but you aren't supposed to stare at it. Let your ears and imagination guide you.

MEDIEVAL LIBRARY • 10H Monastery Ambience • Study with Background Sounds

Kaivey said...

I don't really watch it as it's far too slow for that, although the visuals are great.