Monday, November 23, 2020

KV - Andrew Oldham Orchestra - The Last Time

 Andrew Oldham was a Rolling Stones producer in the 60's and he knocked this little tune based on their song, The Last Time. Not many people can hear the original melody in this version which goes at a much slower tempo, but also has chopped up bits of the original melody going at a much faster tempo. 

On YouTube people accused me of lying when I said I could hear the melody, they said no one can. Other people said that the Last Time only inspired Andrew Oldham's version, but is not the same song. 

I couldn't hear the melody the first time I listened to it, but I could on the second. Many of my friends cannot hear it either, but it's plain obvious once you get it. 

I will sing the Last Time melody out to my friends and family when playing the Andrew Oldham Orchestra version, but only a few people can hear the original Stones melody. It's probably because it needs a bit of perseverance to get it, but once you do hear it, it's everywhere, and like a fractal, there are fragments of the melody in every tiny piece of the tune. 

'This could be the last time

Maybe the last time

I don't know, oh no, oh no', 

This uses the whole orchestra but goes at a very slow tempo.

"This will be" 

This is in the Bells and in the violin section which goes at a faster tempo moving quickly up and down the scales. 

The original: The Rolling Stones - The Last Time 

The Andrew Oldham Orchestra - The Last Time

Andrew Oldham considered this to be muzak which he had made for a bit of fun, but I think it's rather good. It's very slow compared to the Stones version. 


Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve has a string section that was copied from the Andrew Oldham version, but in this extended mix the Andrew Oldham version is also woven into it.

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (Extended Mix) 

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