Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Vaccine Diplomacy

China’s vaccine diplomacy assumes geopolitical importance
H. Seidel

Econintersect — Guest Post
Oxford COVID Vaccine Threatens Big Pharma Profit Logic
Alan Mcleod, Mint Press News

Also at econintersect.org
A Vaccine And The "New New Normal"
Lance Roberts, Clarity Financial

Zero Hedge
Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund Says "Sputnik 5" COVID Vaccine Is 95% Effective
Tyler Durden

Sputnik International
Sputnik V Efficacy Over 95% 42 Days After First Dose, Gamaleya Research Centre Announces

How Many Lives Would Have Been Saved, If We Had Cooperated on a Vaccine With China?
Dean Baker


Matt Franko said...

Do any of you dopes realize the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are technically different?


Peter Pan said...

Vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability. That says it all.

lastgreek said...
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lastgreek said...

"Do any of you dopes realize the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are technically different?"

From California to the New York island,
From the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters,
Trees are tirelessly producing oxygen for Matt.

Matt, you owe the trees an apology.

Greg said...

“Do any of you dopes realize the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are technically different?”

Uhhhhh yeah......... so what? There are different pathways to the same endpoint, increased antibodies! There could end up being multiple vaccines equally efficacious.... we might not be able to determine a “best”. That’s part of the art of creating vaccines😉

Did you know that all the anti hypertensive agents out there are technically different..... but achieve the same thing..... lower blood pressure

Greg said...

Actually a better example than antihypertensives is the variety of “blood thinners” out there. The clotting cascade is a very complex but well understood chain reaction sequence that occurs in the body when hemorrhaging starts. There are actually 2 pathways that are activated simultaneously, one which is trying to form the clot and another which is trying to prevent “over clotting” by breaking down clots

Some classes of drugs work by inhibiting certain factors within the “form clot” cascade. Others work by accentuating the break down clots cascade. Still others work by preventing a platelet plug from forming, which is outside the fore mentioned cascades which simply work to create a protein matrix for platelets to adhere to.

All of these classes of drugs are technically different but you end up with thinned blood either way

Our immune response is not unlike this clotting cascade in that it is triggered and then has a chain reaction carried out by various blood cells in conjunction with lymphatic mediated cells

Peter Pan said...

Is Tylenol a vaccine?

Peter Pan said...

Virus symptoms suppressant or vaccine: