Monday, December 28, 2020

Clint Margrave - Is Anti-Woke Becoming the New Woke?

I don't know much about WOKE, except that at its extremes it seems crazy. I think it's mainly a few young people with problems, who will eventually grow out of it, but the Right has turned it into a conspiracy theory. Anyway, it's the Anti-Woke crowd who get me more into a rage, when they set straw-dolls by finding a few rare extreme examples. 

Anti-woke outrage is now a brand and the new anti-woke justice warriors, with their large platforms, used mob intimidation to court likes and followers. A single Google search could now damage this professor’s reputation: based only on hearsay and a desire to smash the woke. Isn’t this the same tactic woke journalists employ, when they write hit pieces for Vox? Why was my own tribe doing this?

Clint Margrave - Is Anti-Woke Becoming the New Woke?

The Weaponising of 'Woke', by James Melville

Right-wingers have cultivated a bogus enemy of political correctness which they have now rebranded as ‘woke’. In effect, they are demonising common decency to legitimise bigotry

Progressives must however, never ever lose sight of the fact that being politically correct is not an insult. Political correctness gave us the NHS. Political correctness gave us democracy. Political correctness gave women the vote. Political correctness gave us freedom of speech. Political correctness gave us human rights. It’s called political correctness because it’s correct.

Political correctness was always about treating people with dignity and respect, including the weaker and more marginalised members of society. What sort of person are you to find that objectionable?


Matt Franko said...

“I think it's mainly a few young people with problems who will eventually grow out of it,“


Kaivey said...

You're talking about liberal values, which most people hold. I've added another article.

Andrew Anderson said...

I like this gal: Dumpster Fire 9 - You're Not Woke You're Annoying around the 12:45 mark.

lastgreek said...

"To wake" is an irregular verb, and "woke" is the past simple form.

Hope that helps :)

Andrew Anderson said...

More Bridgett:

Dumpster Fire 14 - Wokeism is a Mind Virus

Andrew Anderson said...

Believe me, Bridgett is an acquired taste and is a cause for sadness but also hope too.

Peter Pan said...

Hitler was very woke.

The End.

Andrew Anderson said...

I do recall the Nazis were anti-smoking.

Matt Franko said...

nicht rauchen!

Ralph Musgrave said...

James Melville’s claim that political correctness includes whatever is correct, (e.g. he cites democracy and votes for women) is utterly absurd. If political correctness simply included whatever is obviously correct, no one would object to it.

Even more absurd: he claims political correctness includes free speech. He’s out by 180 degrees: it’s precisely attempts by the politically correct to CLAMP DOWN on free speech that is the source of many if not most OBJECTIONS to political correctness.