Thursday, December 31, 2020

Woman arrested after filming empty Gloucester hospital

 Think about it, would you walk into a hospital for no reason to be there, and then go to a ward and film stressed out doctors desperately trying to cope with patients who are suffering and dying? This is what Zhang Zhan did, and yet the Chinese authorities never made her take her YT video down. But in Britain you will get arrested for filming an empty hospital. 

The Chinese authorities didn't know how bad Covid was going to be, and the last thing they wanted was frightened Wuhan residents fleeing all over the rest of China spreading it everywhere. 

Zhang Zhan video

The West uses double standards. 

Woman arrested after filming empty Gloucester hospital

Debbie Hicks, a 46-year-old woman, took the video of the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on the 27th December 2020. It can be clearly seen in the video that the hospital is near deserted. There are no cars in the street, ambulances are parked up with paramedics cleaning out the backs, A&E is deserted, corridors are deserted, and there are even what look like building works going on outside.

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Peter Pan said...

What double standard?
The ruling class and their minions decide what you get to see, and believe.

The 'rule of law' is a toolbox to enforce this.
Included in that toolbox are declarations of emergency, the means by which your freedoms can be suspended.

One ring, one convenient standard, to rule them all.

Matt Franko said...

You guys living under The Crown should try Freedom of the Press sometime...

Kaivey said...

From twitter. A&E was closed apparently.

As you’ll see it states outpatients wards which are green zones and declared Covid free following deep cleans at the end of days ready for the next day. Arrested a number of offences, trespassing
1. enter someone's land or property without permission: CJIA causing a nuisance.