Friday, December 18, 2020

Weekend reading on Chinese youth

Interesting three part read about the younger generation in China. Like the younger generation in the US, they are more socialist ideas than their elders. Neoliberalism is running into demographic headwinds.

Each post is short.

Sixth Tone (PRC independent media)
The New-Style Pop Histories Making Socialism Cool Again

Fed Up With Capitalism, Young Chinese Brush Up on ‘Das Kapital’

Why It’s Time to Rewrite China’s History Books
Wang Rui | associate professor of history at East China Normal University.

See also at Sixth Tone

China is also becoming more socially liberal. Not just LGTB either. Cisgender women are also on board with "vogue."

In China’s Voguing Houses, Queer Millennials Strike a New Pose
Wang Xuandi

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Pilger's recent interview, with his excellent comments on Australia's relations with China, could be worth posting: