Sunday, December 27, 2020

US risks confrontation with Russia — MK Bhadrakumar

There is insufficient awareness on the American side that the danger of a nuclear confrontation is growing....
Gloves coming off.

India Punchline
US risks confrontation with Russia
MK Bhadrakumar | retired diplomat with the Indian Foreign Service.

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Veteran US diplomat Chas Freeman says that despite talk of a New Cold War between the US and China, the US in reality is reacting aggressively to a rising Chinese power whose economic gains threaten US global supremacy. “We’ve become accustomed over the past 75 years to be the overlord in East Asia,” Freeman says.


Similarly with Russia. While China is an economic competitor across the board, Russia is primarily a competitor in energy and arms.

The GrayZone
Aaron Maté


Peter Pan said...

Risk is what empire is all about?
Risk-taking, belligerence, chest thumping, shit flinging... these are the things the male ape is made of.

Andrew Anderson said...

Actually, it's the result of ignoring God wrt economics.

And the MMT gang intends to double down on that.

The irony is that BOTH the US and Russia are largely Christian countries and, it must be assumed, BOTH ignore the Bible though apparently the Russians less so than the US (e.g. Russian homelessness per 10,000 = 4, US homelessness per 10,000 = 17).

Matt Franko said...

Keven here again this is leftist sensationalist propaganda you are posting....

They’d fit right into current GOP:

BTW that account is a MUST follow.... MUST...