Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Republican Christmas Christmas party, New York

 No masks, no social distancing. 

Absolute madness! 

 While in China they have been told to wear masks again because the new variant. 

Man hospitalized for COVID-19 after Queens Republican club Christmas party

At least one person has been hospitalized for COVID-19 after attending an indoor Christmas dance party hosted by the Whitestone Republican Club earlier this month, the Eagle has learned.

James Trent, chair of the affiliated Queens Village Republican Club, was admitted to North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset where he is recovering from COVID-19, he said from his hospital room Wednesday morning.

Queens Daily Eagle 


Peter Pan said...

It's called living your life. If deplorables can do it, so can you!

Matt Franko said...

I think I saw on OANN or newsmax they advertised a new MyPillow that killed the covid while you sleep....

Matt Franko said...


Peter Pan said...

Who among us are today's Spartans?