Saturday, December 26, 2020

Su-57 is here – Russian 5th gen jet enters service — The Saker


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Su-57 is here – Russian 5th gen jet enters service
The Saker


lastgreek said...

Why the rush to production? The Su-57 is overkill compared to what the US currently has, including the overhyped F-35.

How good is the Su-57? It's skipped one generation -- yeah, it's a 6th gen. fighter jet!

Speaking of the lousy F-35, I can't believe the Greeks can be that foolish to be seriously considering buying that crap, to the glee of the untrustworthy and unreliable Americans (in regard to Greece-Turkey matters) :(

The only negative is marketing, because it's made in Russia, so the Americans and Europeans will trash it just for that. If that jet were built, say, in some hillbilly town in Kentucky, it would have been hailed as a modern aviation triumph ;)

There I said my piece :)

Tom Hickey said...

Why the rush to production?

Sending a message as US/NATO ramp up military operations and hybrid war.

The Su-57 is defensive — against US/NATO bombers. It's backed up by formidable anti-access using S-300, S-400, and S-500s, and EW.

In addition, Russia has a large export market for weapons. The Su-57 has already been combat-tested in Syria. There will be an export version and likely joint manufacturing ventures, too.

lastgreek said...


The Greek fighter pilots will be engaging the Mongol Turk pilots in a small airspace over the Aegean sea, so jet maneuverability is crucial. The Su-57 excels here. Maybe dogfights are in the past between American and Russian pilots but not so over the Aegean sea.

The purchase of the S-400 by the Mongol Turks is meant for use against Greek pilots.

Alot of noise on youtube on the superiority of American military fighter jet technology.

Peter Pan said...

Are we really due for a Greek/Turk oil wrestling match?
Why can't you guys get along?

Ahmed Fares said...

From Canada's "The Fifth Estate":

Our 2012 interview with Pierre Sprey a defence analyst who spent 20 years working at the Pentagon and helped designed one of the most successful jetfighters ever, the A10 Warthog. He is a confirmed critic of the F-35.

A short 10-minute video, well worth watching:

Defence analyst Pierre Sprey on the F-35 (2012) - the fifth estate

Matt Franko said...

“F-35 (2012)”

Yeah Lockheed didn’t make any adjustments in 8 years... sure...

And Wright brothers kept taking the same plane to Kitty Hawk every year till finally in 1903 it evolved from the apes by random chance mutation and it miraculously worked that year...

Ahmed Fares said...


A fighter jet that tries to be good at everything ends up being good at nothing. You can't make adjustments to cure that problem.

As for the Wright brothers, they had a single objective, to achieve powered flight.

Apples and oranges.

Peter Pan said...

The Canadian airfarce is the American airfarce, with a C prefixed before it.
e.g. F-35 becomes CF-35

Mike Norman said...

The SU-57 lacks in many areas against the F35 and certainly against the F-22.

lastgreek said...

The F-35 Lightning II can’t fly in lightning once again


Peter Pan said...

The F-35 Rainmaker can't fly in the rain.

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