Thursday, December 24, 2020

Johannes Drooghaag - LAED – Backdoors, double standards and political agendas


Backdoors can be used by cybercriminals! 

In case you have not studied LAED, let me give you a quick summary. LAED stands for Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act, a bill introduced on June 23rd in the United States, which is nothing short of a frontal attack on encryption in any form. When passed, this bill can force tech providers to create a backdoor that allows law enforcement and intelligence agencies to access encrypted data. So, this means that devices, operating systems, apps, servers, protocols, routers, websites, and portals which offer encryption must have a backdoor!

Besides the fact that the LAED Act takes the crown of bad ideas, there is a lot of irony which simply can not be ignored. The United States of America, which accuses Huawei of building backdoors into their technology and bans their technology over these unsubstantiated claims, is now in the process of forcing tech providers to build backdoors into their technology… One can only wonder if the U.S. will force Huawei to build backdoors in their tech under the LAED Act! Backdoors which under the LAED Act can lawfully be used to spy on foreign subjects, which ironically is also what the U.S. is accusing Huawei of without providing a single shred of evidence. Maybe all the talks about the alleged backdoors in Huawei technology inspired these Senators to draft the LAED Act…?

Johannes Drooghaag - LAED – Backdoors, double standards and political agendas


lastgreek said...

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