Friday, April 9, 2021

Biden To Boost Already Bloated Pentagon Budget With Proposed $715 Billion — Tyler Durden

Despite progressive lawmakers in his own party long demanding a serious reduction in the Pentagon's notoriously bloated budget, President Biden on Friday is expected to request a whopping $715 billion for the Pentagon for fiscal year 2022.

This is a slight increase from the prior year as Politico noted late Thursday in reporting the news: the Pentagon budget topline to be presented to lawmakers represents "a roughly 1.5% increase in defense spending from the current year's [$704 billion] level, making it effectively an inflation-adjusted budget boost."

However, it's a slight decrease from what Trump had reportedly planned to propose for this next fiscal year, which was $722 billion....
And this is a "peace-time" budget. The conflicts in Afghanistan and the Middle East? Merely "police actions" by the global cop. (Vietnam was designated a "conflict" and not a war.)

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