Saturday, April 17, 2021

India’s health system has collapsed — Barkha Dutt

As human tragedy unfolds, there is a shortage of everything — oxygen, drugs, beds, vaccines, even cremation space….


lastgreek said...

Their caste system needs to collapse.

Tom Hickey said...

Their caste system needs to collapse

Easier said than done. All we have in the West is a kind of fluid class system and that is cemented firmly in place even the US where it is not even acknowledge.

Hysteresis and path-dependence in social systems is based on habits (individual) and customs (social), which crystalize into tradition that gets concretized in institutional arrangements, forming the basis of a culture. Hence, cultural change is difficult to bring about owing to cognitive-affective drag.

Peter Pan said...

The Indian health system consists of "Here's a bit of food. Eat."