Thursday, April 1, 2021

Jason Lightfoot - Western Media's Baseless Xinjiang Claims 外媒的涉疆谎言 Xinjiang Cotton 🇨🇳 Unseen China

 Jason says he's not paid by the CPC and I believe him. I just connect with his sentiment, as I do with Numuves. 

Why do Western media always blank out the faces of Uyghurs in their propaganda videos? Well, it's to stop them from being identified, so that no one can interview them and find out that they are fine and happy? The BBC shoots secret videos in low light and use grey, low quality footage, while a reporter talks in a hush voice, because it's "so dangerous", and Jason goes the same spot and walks about freely and talking aloud in broard daylight. The BBC loves to add footage of barbed wire fences, search lights, and policemen with dogs, to give their videos a Nazi concentration camp look. 

I don't normally bother with these two libertarian conspiracists, but Numuves has compiled this, and it's good. 

Numuves : Ex-FBI predicted Xinjiang "crisis" in 2015!

Sibel Edmonds, an EX-FBI whistleblower and recipient of many free-speech awards laid out the ground work for why the US and Turkey were involved in training Uyghur Chinese. It's all about pipelines and geopolitics baby.

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