Friday, April 16, 2021

Matthew Humphries - Huawei Plans to Launch 6G in 2030

 It will be 50x faster than 5G, apparently.

If Zhijun is to be believed, Huawei's take on 6G will be 50-times faster than 5G and it arrives in less than nine years. Of course, it won't arrive in the US if the current trade ban continues or escalates, but then Huawei won't be the only company working on 6G technology over the next decade. For now, 6G is something for scientists and engineers to worry about, but if they get this right, we could be living in a truly connected world by the mid-2030s.


Matthew Humphries - Huawei Plans to Launch 6G in 2030

Tech Rant: Will 6G Destroy Society


Matt Franko said...

I’m going to wait to buy at 7G....

Peter Pan said...

No 6G for me until it's standard on a flying car.

lastgreek said...
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lastgreek said...

""I’m going to wait to buy at 7G...."

I'll go for the 7G+. Talking tbps here. I think with all the space travel I'll be doing, the extra terabytes with 7G+ are well worth paying a little bit more.