Saturday, April 10, 2021

Moon of Alabama — After The Bear Showed Its Teeth The Ukraine Filed For Peace?

Breath easier. Looks like the test is over, at least this phase of it.

The US is now testing China over Taiwan. The same scenario is unfolding.

These are established now as red lines.

Moon of Alabama
After The Bear Showed Its Teeth The Ukraine Filed For Peace?

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Peter Pan said...

No joke, they elected a comedian!

Ryan Harris said...

The Govt in DC must be thrilled. More Troops in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Sailing weekly thru Taiwan str8s. Much bigger DoD, State and intel budget than Trump. Provoking NK. Provoking India with freedom of Navigation ops. Alienating Germany and Canadian allies with pipeline buloney. Provoking Russia with soldiers and weapons on wrong side of Dniper river in Ukraine. Beltway selected President Dementia is a real improvement --no moar tweets that haven't been approved by a beltway pr staff. Who the hell voted for these policies? Do any virulent tribal Dems even support it?

lastgreek said...

Ukraine could have had the best of both — Western Europe and Russia — worlds. No need to pick one over the other.

If Ukraine is lucky, maybe Crimea will annex them.

mike norman said...

Yes, Zelensky went to Turkey, but other than that i don't see any confirmation of this "stand down" anywhere other than that obscure article in a Russian journal.

Tom Hickey said...

My take is that Washington in managing this. This doesn't mean Biden, who is just going to do as advised.

Z was sounding too aggressive, essentially declaring war on Russia and assuming NATO involvement, and so he was told to tone it down. The perception needs to be that Russia attacked first. But this hardly means it is over.

All the analysts I am seeing are saying that if Germany doesn't cave on Nordstream 2, then Washington will instigate open hostilities in Ukraine, to which Russia has already committed to respond militarily to prevent a genocide. Militarily, analysts don't see ground ops until May, when the late spring makes ground fighting more feasible without weather distractions.

Here is an interesting view of options.

Incentives: Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin possible moves – Donbass crisis.

My general impression is that conditions have been heating up not only wrt Russia but also China and the ME, if one blows, the whole thing is likely to blow, too. I think Kissinger is right that his is reminiscent of the run up to WWI. (BTW, it was Britain that provoked it then, again owing to empire.)

It looks like Russians, not only the leadership, are seeing events since the collapse of the USS, eg., the expansion of NATO toward Russian borders, as preparation to mount a third attempt to conquer Russia after the failure of Napoleon and Hitler, and they view it in the same light.

As I have been saying for some time, WWIII began some time ago and the foundation was laid during and immediately after WWII, when the attack on Russia was only postponed. The plan was going well until Putin foiled the operation. The hot war just hasn't crested yet, although it began with 9/11 and the US response.

But looking at history, it's coming and everyday it is moving incrementally closer.

Peter Pan said...

Will you be moving to a remote rural area, Tom?
Or do you have a bunker ready?

lastgreek said...

“...if Germany doesn't cave on Nordstream 2,...”

Only the US is allowed to buy energy from Russia.

Matt Franko said...

“ Will you be moving to a remote rural area, Tom?”

LOL he’s already there and has been there...

Matt Franko said...

Tom’s been advising that for over 10 years here...

Matt Franko said...

“ Who the hell voted for these policies?”

Nobody they used covid as an excuse to stuff the ballot boxes on steroids this time...

Now we get to see what happens when democracy is subverted thru corruption... enjoy...