Thursday, April 1, 2021

Rose McGowan suspended from Twitter over Epstein and Clinton tweet

 Activist, author, and artist Rose McGowan has had her Twitter account suspended, over a tweet she posted about Jeffrey Epstein and President Bill Clinton.

The tweet included an image by artist Alison Jackson, and featured a Bill Clinton lookalike getting a massage in what looked like a hotel room. Apparently, the picture breached Twitter’s rules about posting ‘privately produced/distributed intimate media of someone without their consent’ – though all the hardcore porn you can access on Twitter is seemingly fine.

Rose McGowan has millions of social media followers, and her testimony launched the entire #MeToo​ movement. She’s made it her mission to call out establishment hypocrisy and corruption, regardless of what political camp she ends up exposing (here’s looking at you Joe Biden!). She told RT that Big Tech is trying to silence her.

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lastgreek said...

"though all the hardcore porn you can access on Twitter is seemingly fine."

You see, KV, I did not know that. You know how I found out about it, that twitter allows porn? I follow Stephanie Kelton's twitter account, and, one day, in one of her tweets, she had the hashtag "#kinky" at the end of her tweet. So I clicked it. And, yeah, it was a hashtag for all the twitter perverts posting their fetishes and other weird porn stuff.
That's how I know.

No overstatement to say that porn moves many industries. I recall reading once in the Economist that it was the fall of the Iron Curtain that boosted/rejuvenated the porn industry -- because of the desperation of women from the former communist countries trying to better their lives. And, you know, the American porn producers paid in US dollars. To borrow a apt phrase from Franco: US$ porn zombies.