Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The BMI - The Unstoppable Growth of China's High-Speed Rail Network

 The BMI is not state owned Chinese media. They seem to cover all sorts of big projects like this from all around the world.

China makes no profit on its high-speed rail as they see it as a social good. Neoliberalism, with its privatisation and need for sufficient profits, can't cope with building a country's infrastructure. The Western answer is to try to destroy the competition. 

In Britain they have privatised almost everything so the oligarchs can make all the profits, and they recently got the Royal Mail, but they are after the NHS too. In China they threw their oligarchs out of power, so now the country can be run for the benefit of everyone, not just the rich. 


Peter Pan said...
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Peter Pan said...

Imagine if Amtrak were in charge of passenger rail in China. It would be an antiquated disaster!