Friday, April 16, 2021

The Interesting Case Of 'The Zaïre'... The Question MMT Cannot Answer — Eric Nies

Another nonsense. MMT describes the general case of the current monetary system. MMT economists never said that all countries are the same and that economic policy, including fiscal and monetary, depends on specifics that determine the special case.


Matt Franko said...

Yeah the turd world doesn’t count....

NeilW said...

In other news airplanes that crash due to bad piloting definitely mean that heavier than air flight is impossible.

Ralph Musgrave said...

So MMT doesn't work in a country with a history of chaotic management. Big surprise. I dare say the police and criminal justice system doesn't work too well there either....:-)

Footsoldier said...

I've been following this closely over the months.

The Bailey Brothers Building and loans gang. That got every market call right for over 2 years.

They never got this one right. If you read the comment section

" We can settle this -- choose any size bet that is collectible and I will call you any size you want that the Dollar will be higher in Q1 2021 than the levels seen today. And I mean any size bet you can muster.

How about that? "

I wish Mike had taken that bet


Senexx said...

I wish I read the words zero hedge before following link.
Hmm, an authority with no authority. Are we surprised? No