Monday, April 12, 2021

The War Nerd: Taiwan — The Thucydides Trapper Who Cried Woof Gary — Brecher [John Dolan]

Longish, but detailed and well-written. Good backgrounder.

Naked Capitalism
The War Nerd: Taiwan — The Thucydides Trapper Who Cried Woof
Gary Brecher [John Dolan]. Republished from the Radio War Nerd subscriber newsletter.


Another historical backgrounder.

Covert Action Magazine — Exposing Covert Action Since 1978
Cold War On Trial: Truth Commission Details Horrible Crimes Akin to Native American Genocide and Slavery
Jeremy Kuzmarov

For a self-proclaimed citizen journalism outfit, an alarming number of Bellingcat’s staff and contributors come from highly suspect backgrounds, including high-level positions in military and intelligence agencies.…

Investigative site Bellingcat is the toast of the popular press. In the past month alone, it has been described as “an intelligence agency for the people” (ABC Australia), a “transparent” and “innovative” (New Yorker) “independent news collective,” “transforming investigative journalism” (Big Think), and an unequivocal “force for good” (South China Morning Post). Indeed, outside of a few alternative news sites, it is very hard to hear a negative word against Bellingcat, such is the gushing praise for the outlet founded in 2014.

This is troubling, because the evidence compiled in this investigation suggests Bellingcat is far from independent and neutral, as it is funded by Western governments, staffed with former military and state intelligence officers, repeats official narratives against enemy states, and serves as a key part in what could be called a “spook to Bellingcat to corporate media propaganda pipeline,” presenting Western government narratives as independent research.
Mintpress News
How Bellingcat Launders National Security State Talking Points into the Press
Alan Macleod

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