Thursday, June 24, 2021

House Republicans demand accountability for China on coronavirus pandemic: Make them 'feel pain'


Notice it’s not that China created the virus that’s the problem (seems like USs NIAID probably  has  co-culpability there) but rather that they withheld information when it was apparent that it was in the China population… oh ok... this is called the old switcheroo…


lastgreek said...

"Make them feel pain."

That's easy. Just force them to watch American TV sitcoms -- any decade will do.

And it's brilliant when you realise that it's a twofer -- painful to watch but also stupefies the viewer in the process :)

Chief Inspector Morse: [ Looking at Dr. Grayling, the female pathologist, at a dance] We were just saying you look, um... off-duty tonight.

lastgreek said...

Oh, right -- that was the episode "The Secret of Bay 5B."