Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sergey Lavrov — The Law, the Rights and the Rules

Russia rejects the US-led "rules-based order." Putting the West on notice.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Article by Sergey Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, “The Law, the Rights and the Rules”, Moscow, June 28, 2021


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Peter Pan said...

The 'rules-based order' is the basis for international trade, and globalism in general. It used to be US-led, now it is the US that routinely violates it.

To adhere to the rules-based order, is to relinquish a portion of national sovereignty. For better or worse, it represents the status quo as far as international relations are concerned.

The main issue is economic. Most countries do not believe they have the clout to go against trade agreements. Few countries are led by governments that question the benefits of free trade. Those that do are then targeted by Washington for removal.

Russia and China are committed to the rules-based order. Washington is committed to interfering in other countries' affairs. That antagonism is the new normal, and similar to the old normal that existed prior to the USSR's collapse.

Matt Franko said...

The “rules based order” was the post WW2/ Cold War arrangements characterized by free trade between NATO/ANZUS/Japan and US hard and soft power initiatives…

The soft power initiatives allowing access to US universities and the US market has led to some emergent domestic decline in certain areas of the US domestic economy so now we are adjusting them first y def Trump now under Trump-lite (Biden) because it’s polically popular…

Peter Pan said...

US domestic decline is permanent, and no fiddling around with trade will reverse it.

US soft power is kaput.

Americans are delusional about what the future will bring.

lastgreek said...

"Americans are delusional about what the future will bring."

I can tell you what's coming: more Americans with fat bellies, that's what.

Andrew Anderson said...

US soft power is kaput. Peter Pan

I've become a fan of recent Russian WWII movies lately (via Amazon Prime) and they rarely disappoint me.

So I'd say that Russian soft power is ascending.

Otoh, recent US movies and TV series with their gratuitous sexual PC are something I can just marginally enjoy if at all.

Btw, I love the Irish series "Bridget and Eamon" - no PC of ANY KIND (eg. Bridget smokes in bed!) there or at least none that offends me. It's hilarious and makes US commedy look pathetic.

Peter Pan said...

You believe the US entertainment industry is a form of soft power?

Maybe to people who don't have electricity, or access to media devices.

Nollywood is producing better stuff nowadays.