Monday, June 28, 2021

What are the five evils in modern society? — Richard Murphy

I am interested in other’s opinions on this issue.
To what degree do economic policy and financial institutional arrangements contribute to complicating these issues?

Tax Research UK
What are the five evils in modern society?
Richard Murphy | Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University, London; Director of Tax Research UK; non-executive director of Cambridge Econometrics, and a member of the Progressive Economy Forum


Andrew Anderson said...

Idleness (caused by a lack of jobs, or the ability to gain employment) Richard Murphy

Then why do so many people hate their jobs?

Again, here's a conflation of WORK (good) with wage slavery as if the former requires the latter. Indeed, per the Bible, working for wages should be the EXCEPTION for citizens, not the norm.

Peter Pan said...

You can roll those evils up into the narrative of artificial scarcity.

Then there's consumerism, which hurts the planet.

lastgreek said...


I recall this Tom Jones interview many years ago where he says how much he loves his wife and in another interview bragging about how many women he's slept with. How would you like to have that dick for a father?

Peter Pan said...

I wouldn't mind having that dick's inheritance.