Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Katehon — Capitalism must die to protect the sacred

Review of The Red Deal: Indigenous Action to Save our Earth. The Red Nation (2021), Common Notions.

More traditionalism versus liberalism. As climate change accelerates, this view will be increasingly heard, especially as the Global South/East emerges. An old Native American proverb sums it up, "Don't shit in the teepee."

If the title is too extreme for you, another similar title might be, "Capitalism needs to change to protect the planet." Socializing negative externality is threatening all of us as a species, along with the entire ecology of the planet. This means shifting the emphasis from ownership to stewardship.

Capitalism must die to protect the sacred


Peter Pan said...

When we run out of cheap energy, capitalism will change, somewhat. It's our lifestyles that will change a lot.

Nebris said...

It's probable that most of the Earth's surface will be uninhabitable by the middle of the next century and will remain so for several more centuries after that, barring a truly significant set of technological leaps. Capitalism will be good and dead by then.