Friday, June 18, 2021

Interview with Alexander Dugin – ‘Welcome all newcomers!’

 This is important for many reasons, chiefly because Alexander Dugin is one of the premier public intellectuals globally and therefore an influencer. One may not agree with Alexander Dugin's values, but his contributions as a sociologist and political theorist are considerable. In a sense, he plays a similar role as Carl Schmitt did in his day as a political theorist. 

Dugin has been called "Putin's brain," which is total nonsense. However, I would expect that senior Russian officials would have read Dugin on geopolitics, as well as many others of this level in various countries. Judging from criticism, which amount mostly to caricatures of his views, he is also read in the West. Alexander Dugin is often portrayed in the West as a "fascist," but his work contradicts this. 

Dugin's position is that liberalism was pitted against fascism and communism as political theories of the 20th century, and liberalism and conquered both of them, making them largely of historical interest now. The present historical dialectic is between liberalism (morphed into "neoliberalism") and traditionalism. This can also be framed in terms of both modernism and post-modernism versus traditionalism, of which there is a variety, much of it culturally based, but a significant portion of traditionalism stems from the various religions. It also manifest in special cases as "liberalism" versus "conservatism" as these are variously interpreted.

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Interview with Alexander Dugin – ‘Welcome all newcomers!’

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