Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Links — 16 June 2021

Moon of Alabama (where's the beef?)
Summit Summary

U.S., UK Information Warfare Behind Regime Change Drive In Belarus

Russia Observer (much ado in the press over nothing)
Patrick Armstrong

POLITICO (it's OK when we do it)
Biden derides Putin's 'ridiculous' whataboutism
Nick Niedzwiadek

Times of India
Twitter deliberately chose path of non-compliance: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Internationalist 360º (NATO running scared?)
China Responds to NATO
Rick Rozoff

The Intercept (neo-imperialism)
Meet NATO, the Dangerous “Defensive” Alliance Trying to Run the World
Jon Schwarz

Sputnik International
Beijing Warns NATO Against Exaggerating 'China Threat Theory' in Wake of Summit 2021

NATO states display double standards regarding China, its defense policy — Beijing

Brave New World (neocolonialism)
Jonas Elvander – Interview with Wolfgang Streeck: The EU’s war in Africa
Wolfgang Streeck, economic sociologist and director emeritus of the Max Planck Institute in Cologne

RT (tipping point?)
Arctic expedition chief warns we’ve ‘set off the beginning of the explosion’ of irreversible global warming

ECNS (another routed added)
New China-Europe freight train departs from NW China's Gansu

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