Friday, June 18, 2021

Neo-Socialism (Part 1, 2, etc….) — Paul Cockshott

The following email was sent to me by someone who wishes to go by the pen name “Patriotic American Socialist,” who happens to also be a US military officer. We have been corresponding for some time, and he is working on a research project with the aim of writing a sequel to Towards a New Socialism, titled “Towards a New Socialist Movement.”

He has given me permission to publish his email anonymously here, and has expressed to me that he would love feedback, thoughts, or questions on what he’s written. Like he says, his goal is to write “Towards a New Socialist Movement,” and he would very much like to know what the readers of this blog would like to see in such a book.

I am publishing it on the blog because he has a lot of ideas that are relevant to socialist strategy in the USA and probably also in the UK…
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Neo-Socialism (Part 1, 2, etc….)
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