Saturday, June 26, 2021

Sitrep — Here Comes China: Great Chinese Firewall, Governance, Space and Spinach.

During this year, China, in my experience, has changed its media coverage. About three years ago at the height of the Trump Trade War, I saw their media coverage change, and they started hitting back at the propaganda media about China. This gave rise to the description ‘Wolf Warrior Diplomacy’.

We’ve had another change and this comes from the idea that they think they are losing the media wars. So, as we see so often, if you put an impediment in front of China, they find some way to go around that impediment. In the media wars, they are distributing the most excellent information that one could wish for. This is new for China as they have always been reticent in talking about themselves.

I am referring to publications such as the following that attempt (and do a good job at it) to explain China to the world.…
This post is a should-read on China. 

The Vineyard of the Saker
Sitrep: Here Comes China: Great Chinese Firewall, Governance, Space and Spinach.
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Nebris said...

China has been an Imperialist nation for thousands of years. Now that it has fully shaken off Western domination [and survived all of Mao's 'political experiments'] it has returned for its 'natural state'...which means domination of all its neighbors and seeking its place as The Center of The World.

You think American Imperialism was bad? Just wait...

Peter Pan said...

Wheeling and dealing is better than bombing.

Nebris said...

They've done their fair share invading, murdering and oppressing. They're just about four or five decades behind us on that front...but they're catching up fast.