Saturday, October 30, 2021

Daniel Sutter — Government jobs for all?

Misleading article on the MMT JG as workfare and make-work as substitutes for private sector jobs. From his presentation it appears that he read at least some of the MMT literature but he totally misses the MMT argument for a universal job guarantee, or he just ignores it.

Alabama Today
Dan Sutter: Government jobs for all?
Daniel Sutter | Charles G. Koch Professor of Economics with the Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy at Troy University and host of Econversations on TrojanVision

For better arguments against the MMT JG, see also 

Federal Debt is Money
MMT’s divorce from reality: Jobs Guarantee and inflation fear
Rodger Malcolm Mitchell


Jerry Brown said...

And then he assumes JG jobs will be no-show jobs. Where he comes up with that idea I don't know. Cause that part is not in any MMT JG proposal I have heard of. And then it is people with no show $15/hr jobs will not work for less than $30- 40 an hour at a regular private sector job which will destroy the labor market. Ridiculous.

His criticisms might possibly work against a UBI program which is what government no-show jobs would be similar to. Maybe he should figure out which idea he is opposing before writing about it.

Matt Franko said...

“ people with no show $15/hr jobs will not work for less than $30- 40 an hour at a regular private sector job”

They won’t work for $16 … there is a differential there which is not examined by MMT…

Matt Franko said...

Jerry read this the whole US economy would be the same thing due to transfer payments subsidies:

“ Revenue sharing works by funneling profits from highly competitive teams -- think the Yankees or the Dodgers -- down to gutter-dwelling clubs like the Pirates, who are, in theory, supposed to spend it on better players. "What these documents show is that the Pirates looked at the baseball landscape and essentially said, 'Well, you're giving us about $40 million a year. ... That really wouldn't be enough to close the gap with the Yankees or the Dodgers, so rather than spend the money on players, we're just going to keep it.'"

You would establish an entire cohort of permanent under achievers….

So you’d have people making 30 or 40 (Yankees and dodgers) then the second tier where you’d have the squad complaining they make too much money… just like people complain about the Yankees and dodgers right now in MLB..

Matt Franko said...

Jerry you guys are commies why not just go with it?

Put it right out there and run on it…. no apologies…

Matt Franko said...

You’re trying to finesse it.., like the Dem commies right now saying social spending is “infrastructure!”…

Or they will say “childcare is infrastructure!” .. no it’s not ,,, why are you leftist people so weak?

Peter Pan said...

So Pirates and Mariners are underachievers?
Might explain why the Navy is a laughing stock.