Friday, October 29, 2021

EVERYTHING You’ve Been Told About Food IS WRONG! | Tim Spector

 Tim Spectre says all our research about food is driven by the corporations, which have an agenda to switch us onto food that is cheaper to produce and is more profitable for them. This fits in with the other video below. 

Now you can see the anti-science brigade running away with this one, but you have to look at each situation independently. 


lastgreek said...

Protect your liver, feed your gut.

This business of protecting your liver can be costly to the economy. You see, it ain't just alcohol that messes your liver -- it's the sugary shit that you eat. Sugar and alcohol fuck up your liver equally. You fuck up your liver, you're fucked.

Now, some of you might say, "Hey, Greek, what about fruits? They have sugar, too." Yeah, but the fruit's sugars are "wrapped up" in fibre. Makes all the fuckin' difference to your liver.

Full disclosure: We own a blender, and occasionally I've made myself a smoothie here and there :) But let me tell you, when you blend your fruits and vegetables you destroy the insoluble fiber (you also speed up the oxidation process rendering most nutrients DOA -- dead on arrival. So why do I do it occasionally? I dunno -- I mean why do I watch Beverly Hillbillies reruns? I never said I was perfect, just handsome :)

Full disclosure #2: I have Greek honey at home. It's the only one I will buy. You see, honey is poison to your liver. Why? It's nearly all fructose -- fuck, that's even worse than your table sugar. So why do I eat on occasion even though when you think of it it's nothing more than bee vomit? Well, two reasons: One it tastes good and a little goes a long way. And two, it's Greek so it's got have some benefit right?

wow, all of a sudden i have a craving for oreo cookies. Fuck!

Peter Pan said...

Sugars are good tasting hydrocarbons.
The ones that don't taste as good, are called fossil fuels.