Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Bright Side of Higher Inflation — Stephanie Kelton

It beats the alternative.
The Lens
The Bright Side of Higher Inflation
Stephanie Kelton | Professor of Public Policy and Economics at Stony Brook University, formerly Democrats' chief economist on the staff of the U.S. Senate Budget Committee, and an economic adviser to the 2016 presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders


Andrew Anderson said...

Price inflation would not be so bad if it were moderate and IF we had an ethical fiat creation and use system AND an ethical banking model AND anti-rentier measures such as land reform.

But so far, ethics is a blind spot of the MMT crowd. Not that they are alone in that (eg. those who would return to needlessly expensive fiat).

Matt Franko said...

Yo AA, the FRA says “maximum employment with STABLE prices…

mike norman said...

Many people would disagree with Kelton, that there is no "bright side." I'm on her side, maybe not for the same reasons, but inflation is not all bad.