Thursday, October 21, 2021

Money Printing (Sigh) — Brian Romanchuk

In a lot of financial market commentary – and even in the output of some academics – one might often see discussion of “money printing” in the context of inflation. Although this section explains why the concept is not meaningful, these references do serve a purpose: they are a signal that the reader can stop taking the person invoking “money printing” seriously..…

I hope Stephanie Kelton is working on a sequel called "The Inflation Myth." "Inflation" has been reduced to a meaningless concept that is dominated by connotation rather than denotation. The connotation has become loaded, and most of the stuff on denotation is just wrong.

Bond Economics
Money Printing (Sigh)
Brian Romanchuk

See also for an example of bonkers "analysis" in midst of a global pandemic with clogged supply chains along with rising energy prices resulting from addressing climate change, as well as distortions introduced by economic warfare.

Stephanie Kelton recently tweeted, asking why if US government spending is the cause of inflation, the global economy is also experiencing inflation. (Search on "global inflation.")

The Hill
Progressive economic theories run into some inconvenient truths
Marc Joffe, a policy analyst at Reason Foundation, former senior director at Moody's Analytics

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