Thursday, October 21, 2021

'Thielism': Beyond The Dogmas Of Reaganism — The Thielist

 Somewhat short on substance but a heads-up — Peter Thiel is on the move.

Zero Hedge
'Thielism': Beyond The Dogmas Of Reaganism
The Thielist via The Thielist Dispatch

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mike norman said...

Thiel strikes me as being more lucky than smart. Never made any money as a trader for Credit Suisse. Somehow got into PayPal and made money after it was sold to Ebay, but his background is law, not computers or software.

Founded Palantir, a stock I bought at the IPO, but recently sold when it was reported that the company was stocking up on gold in preparation for a "black swan event." That was it for me. Goofy shit, like Peter Schiff.

And if you listen to him speak, he's not deep. No Elon Musk, that's for sure. He's like, "you gotta invest in monopolies." No shit. Go find them.