Saturday, June 11, 2022

In the eyes of others, the US is not the benign power it thinks it is — Dani Rodrik

  • America’s foreign policy goals are often self-serving, while its designs for a rules-based international order primarily reflect the interests of its business and policy elites
  • What’s good for the US may not be good for the world. The sooner Washington recognises that, the better...
South China Morning Post
In the eyes of others, the US is not the benign power it thinks it is
Dani Rodrik | professor of international political economy at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

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Footsoldier said...

Brazilian state giant Eletrobras was privatized in the dead of night – and for a pitiful $6.9 billion.

Eletrobras is the largest energy company in Latin America.

It is now majority-controlled by local and global funds.

The largest investors are 3G, owned by billionaire oligarch Jorge Paulo Lemann, Brazil’s wealthiest individual, quite connected to the Masters of the Universe and the BlackRock, Vanguard gang.

Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citigroup, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan were among those part of the deal.

Energy in Brazil will become way more expensive – and the profiteers will be already mega-wealthy shareholders. The Brazilian state is being meticulously dismantled by the Bolsonaro gang.

This is the latest uber-toxic episode of the Michael Hudson-defined FIRE racket in action.

This is what it is all about and happened to the UK years ago.

By forming monopolies that can extract rent - any pay increase you get are mine, any tax cuts you get are mine, any savings you have are mine, any benefits you get are mine, and there's nothing you can about it.

All the money I take off you I give a % to your leaders to fund their election campaigns they will look after me.

I don't care about Brazilians, I am a rent seeker that lives abroad. The Brazilian riot police can deal with it.

Happening in every state in the US. Everyone concentrates on Washington but the real theft is taking place at state level. As basic needs are privatised and the prices go up as a big 3 or 4 manipulate the prices between them.

The more rent and debt they can pile on people the more people act like sheep. The sheep turn on each other and pick a colour red or blue thinking they will protect them. The shepherd who promises to protect the sheep from the wolf is the one that eats them.