Tuesday, June 7, 2022

"Ukraine LOST WAR A Long Time Ago" - Col Douglas Macgregor — The Dive with Jackson Hinckle (video 10.52)


"Ukraine LOST WAR A Long Time Ago" - Col Douglas Macgregor
The Dive with Jackson Hinckle


Peter Pan said...

There is no link to the original Tucker Carlson interview.

Another amateur, unethical YouTuber.

Konrad said...

The dying West is desperate to keep its global puppets under control. Therefore the West engineered the Ukraine crisis in order to force Russia to intervene. Russia’s intervention gave the West an excuse to arrange for sanctions on Russia and its allies, in order to disrupt global supply chains. Supply disruption causes famine and inflation in smaller countries (e.g. Pakistan, Sri Lanka and others).

In this way the USA has given smaller countries a choice to starve, or else buy food and fuel exclusively from the USA at greatly increased prices, and only in US dollars.

In order to buy food and fuel from the USA, smaller countries must borrow dollars from the USA (i.e. from the IMF) and thereby go further into debt. This ensures that smaller countries remain dependent on the USA for food and fuel, and remain debt slaves of the USA.

Smaller countries could get food and fuel from Russia and China, but the West is doing everything possible to block this. In some cases this means physically blocking shipments. In other cases this means regime change in smaller countries.

Ukraine is merely a pawn in this game, which the West wants to extend as long as possible, in order to keep worsening famine and inflation, and thereby starve more and more countries into submission. This is why Zelensky says there can be no peace deal with Russia until Russia surrenders Crimea, which Russia will never do. It’s all designed to extend the game until the Western collapse is complete.

The collapse is inevitable, and is accelerating.

Nebris said...

Russia is the rump state of Europe’s last colonial empire. And as with all empires in their death throes, it is reacting with violence and desperate delusions.