Sunday, June 19, 2022

Links — 19 June 2022 Part 2
The Guardian Churns Out Embarrassingly Awful Empire Propaganda
Caitlin Johnstone

Zero Hedge
Ukraine Says "Prepare For The Worst" In Donbas; Kharkiv Will Likely Be Next "Frontline City"

Western Populations Must Do More For Ukraine Even If "Costs Of Food & Fuel Are High": NATO Chief [ Jens Stoltenberg]
Tyler Durden

Luongo: Russia's New Rules
Tom Luongo

RT — Question More (Russian state-sponsored media)
UK should be ready ‘to fight in Europe’ – army chief [General Patrick Sanders]

Reminiscence of the Future
They Still Cannot Resign Themselves...
Andrei Martyanov, former USSR naval officer and expert on Russian military and naval issues.

Sputnik International (Russian state-sponsored media)
40-Truck US Convoy Loaded With Stolen Wheat Smuggled Out of Syria: Report

EU Could Fall Apart Before Ukraine Joins, [former Russian president and prime minister Dmitry Medvedev Says

Bracing Views
The Pentagon Cowbird (Pentagon parasitism]
W. J. Astore, Lieutenant Colonel (USAF ret.), taught at the Air Force Academy, the Naval Postgraduate School, and currently at the Pennsylvania College of Technology

Southfront (sanctioned by the US Treasury Department)
Russia Says 50 Senior Officers Of Kiev Forces Were Killed In Kalibr Missile Strike (Video)

TASS (Russian state media)
US weapons supplies to Kiev won’t force Russia to comply with Washington rules – [Russian FM Sergei] Lavrov

Defend Democracy Press
US Federal Reserve says its goal is ‘to get wages down’
Benjamin Norton


Matt Franko said...

“ Federal Reserve says its goal is ‘to get wages down’”

Then you guys don’t support Trump how do your brains work? scrambled eggs?

Peter Pan said...

Many Dead As Ukraine Artillery Hits Donetsk Harder Then ever before - Patrick Lancaster

American artillery is making it to the front lines.

Konrad said...

They Still Cannot Resign Themselves by Andrei Martyanov.

“The UK cannot accept the simple fact that it is no longer a player in modern geopolitics.”

The UK is a pipsqueak that boasts and brags while hiding behind the USA. Whenever Washington decides to destroy a nation (e.g. Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) Washington strokes British feathers by letting the UK participate in the crime.

I traveled around the UK. It was pathetic. The place was cramped and decrepit, like a miniature mock-up of a real country.

The US military is lame too. It can bomb defenseless people in impoverished nations, but it would have no chance against a real enemy. The US military is too “woke,” too obese, too corrupt, and too full of toxic vaccines and affirmative action hires.

Even in WW II, the USA claims to have “won,” although most of the fighting against Japan and Germany was done by China and the USSR. In the First World War, belligerent nations were exhausted by three years of fighting before the USA entered the war and “won.”

Against North Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan, the best the USA could manage was to arrive at a stalemate and declare “victory.”

I’m not arguing for more aggression; just less b.s.

Peter Pan said...

Rabbit-hutch England versus gas station Russia. I'm putting my money on the bear.