Friday, June 24, 2022

Links — 24 June 2022

Moon of Alabama
Ukraine SitRep - Zolote Cauldron Closes - Lysichansk Blocked

Asia Times
Ukraine – the situation June 24, 2022
Uwe Parpart

The Dreizin Report
Lisichansk sector disintegrating
Jacob Dreizin

Zero Hedge
EU & NATO Appear To Be Forming A Bloc For War Against Russia: Lavrov
Tyler Durden

Brzezinski's Proxy War Playbook
Patrick Macfarlane via The Libertarian Institute

Eighty-one years after the war of annihilation: German Chancellor Scholz makes new war threats against Russia
Imperial Narrative Control Has Five Distinct Elements
Caitlin Johnstone

The World Is Ruled By A Backwards Puritanical Regime: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix
Caitlin Johnstone


Matt Franko said...

“ EU & NATO Appear To Be Forming A Bloc For War Against Russia: Lavrov”

#duh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Peter Pan said...

Humans are storytelling creatures. If you can control the stories humans are telling themselves about the world, you control the humans, and you control the world.


If that ain't line one in volume one of perennial wisdom, then it's time to revise the original.

Matt Franko said...

“ storytelling”

Yo, It’s called Figurative Language…

Peter Pan said...

Adults taking stories literally is a real problem.

Peter Pan said...

Scott Ritter with RealTruthTalk on Russia vs Ukraine - PolitiCrooks YT channel

jrbarch said...

Humans are truth-seeking creatures. Truth is an experience available to the heart, to the essence of consciousness – not the mind. Experience comes first, then the expression (storytelling) soon follows – it’s only human. It’s in the dance and the song; in curiosity. Anyone who understands truth doesn’t want to control anyone – there is absolutely nothing to be gained thereby - absolutely nothing in it. It has nothing to do with your existence.

Humans only seek control because they want to experience something. Control is on the outside and hence is useless – no one is satisfied; experience is on the inside. You could say that control is a measure of the illusion; cooperation a measure of the reality. Humans are the most deluded species on the planet. Because of mind and that little wave called ‘I’ that swims around in it.

Actually, the perennial wisdom is really simple: ‘what you are looking for is inside of you.’ That’s line one and every line to follow. Story telling is the province of the mind; truth is a province of experience – of the heart. That is what is in the original.

There are 7.8B human consciousnesses on this earth – they are all aware of something. They all have the same potential. I know thousands to whom the above words make sense. Mind hasn’t got a clue – hence the perennial stories.

jrbarch said...

... and yet, I have never seen words that come anywhere near, describing the experience.

Matt Franko said...

“ Humans are truth-seeking creatures.”

No they’re not… some are but to say that applies to all is completely false..,

jrbarch said...

I think we are both right Matt, depending upon perspective. I am always trying to find words to bring out the difference between the heart in a human being and the mind. The heart (the drop) always seeks union with the ‘shining sea’: mind is scattered and seeks out anything it fancies. It gets hypnotised by its pursuits. Am not saying one is right and one is wrong – just - that’s the way it is: that’s all. From my limited perspective... Both have their consequences. That’s fundamental.

For me, it’s a matter of understanding what it means to be human: what is human existence? Why are you conscious? Did you come to this earth for the society, or did you come for you? Did you come for external wealth and control, or for the riches already inside of you? What will fulfill you?

The heart in a human being has always known – that’s its wisdom. It has its own ‘intelligence’. That’s where respect comes from. But how do you tap that wisdom? Mind knows a whole lot of other stuff.

So I will clarify: the heart in a human being is a truth-seeking creature. The mind uses lies to its own ends. Ta-da – the world.

Peter Pan said...

Humans only seek control because they want to experience something.

The want to experience food in their bellies, clothes on their back, and a warm, dry place to sleep. And they will destroy the planet to order to obtain it for a day, a week, or another billion years. That is what all living things do. The extraction of energy from the external is a function of life. Procreation is another.

The story-telling always denies the ugly imperatives of evolution. Humans are "special", we have souls, we are created in God's image, we are separate and above other life forms. There was even a time when the Sun, the planets and the stars revolved around Earth as a testament to our importance.

Questions about our existence have been answered, but we don't like the answers. So the story-telling continues. There is life after death, reincarnation, judgement, heaven and hell. There are gods and goddesses, divine mortals and villainous immortals, and fallen angels.

When the stories we tell ourselves say that life is a test, and culture says that it is a test, then people live their lives as if it were a test. Other perspectives are suppressed. That isn't truth-seeking, that is prison-making.

Tell people that resources are scarce and they must compete... and lo and behold, that is what they do. Where stories fail to illicit the desired behavior, physical coercion begins.

The control of the god worshipers is waning; control by technology worshipers is ascendant. The ability of the mind to conceptualize, was instrumental for conceiving all sorts of notions, including god. But we have better tools now... namely science and technology. They will allow us to transform the material world to our liking... onward and upward until we become gods... space-faring deities... masters of the universe.

Sounds like an amazing story about a bright future, doesn't it? As good as any tale found in the Bible, or holy book. What could go wrong?

If you disagree, there are plenty of people who will agree. Technology will solve our problems. The naysayers are Doomers, Malthusians, Communists. That's the thing about perspective: it doesn't subscribe to the notion that there is a single truth, or one way of looking at things.

Peter Pan said...

Actually, the perennial wisdom is really simple: ‘what you are looking for is inside of you.’

I know what I like, and I like what I know.

And the method for discovering that, is experience.

But you can't rule the peasants that way.

Matt Franko said...

“ For me, it’s a matter of understanding what it means to be human: what is human existence?”

Well the Genesis account teaches that we are created in the image (simulate) of god and that all (panta) is out of god…

So we collectively represent all that exists… good/evil… truth/false… order/chaos.. judgement/caprice… Art/Science… and every combination thereof…

Christendom (that I’m a member of) represents (well, it’s supposed to represent) a judgmental cohort… But it’s been turned into mostly a coercive behavior modification program…

jrbarch said...

Why should 4.6B years of evolution be there simply to put gas in the biological tank – or fulfil the dreamings of mind? Outside of the box altogether (although what I have in mind is more inside the box). What makes the box precious?

Peter Pan said...

Energy from the Sun began to be stored when organic material was buried and compressed by geologic forces. Most scientists believe that hydrocarbons on Earth have an organic component, and that this is necessary for their formation.

Organic material (most of this will come from plant life) + geologic process (which takes a lot of time) = hydrocarbons in sufficient quantity for exploitation

Hydrocarbons can form on worlds inhospitable for life. Saturn's moon Titan is a famous example. So there can be formation through inorganic inputs.

The diversity of life on Earth, evolved without having to access the energy stored in hydrocarbons. It had no other choice. Only a few bacteria have access, or are a part of, Earth's lithosphere.

The dreamings of mind began before humans had fire, stone tools, or language. They looked at the stars at night, and may have wondered what they were. They observed the world around them, and may have had musings beyond the practical, immediate need for survival.

The development of language gave these dreams a boost.

Language is required for perennial wisdom. But hydrocarbons?

The impact from fossil fuels has liberated human creativity. Now our dreams are grander, and can be shared in the form of science fiction novels. Take away easily accessible energy, and those dreams are dashed. Civilization as we are accustomed to, fades away.

The Sun will warm the Earth for billions of years to come. Long before then, humans will have gone extinct, or evolved into other forms. I would guess they will have hands. Given our rapacious and reckless nature, we are surely a flash in the pan.

That is my answer, as to what 4.6 billion years of evolution has begotten - a flash in the pan. That is, if I focus solely on what humans are up to.

Matt Franko said...

mike norman said...

There is no truth. It's all perception.

jrbarch said...

Science says: ‘As far as the eye can see, all we know is matter. And yet consciousness exists’.

Then they make an assumption: ‘consciousness arises from matter’. Where else (they say) could it come from? They see some form of consciousness, even in the quarks and the leptons. They note consciousness in every living form and everything a living form. Very Zen.

Why make the assumption – it rubs off on everyone? Every now and again someone quietly mutters the perception - ’actually - we do not know where consciousness comes from – it is a mystery.’

There is no reason to conflate the machinery with the driver.

In the perennial wisdom it is the opposite: matter devolves from consciousness. Consciousness devolves from the divine – a universal energy – WAS, IS, WILL BE.

It is an still an open query. But not for Rumi:

”I searched for God among the Christians and on the Cross and therein I found Him not.
I went into the ancient temples of idolatry; no trace of Him was there.
I entered the mountain cave of Hira and then went as far as Qandhar but God I found not.
With set purpose I fared to the summit of Mount Caucasus and found there only ‘anqa’s habitation.
Then I directed my search to the Kaaba, the resort of old and young; God was not there even.
Turning to philosophy I inquired about him from ibn Sina but found Him not within his range.
I fared then to the scene of the Prophet’s experience of a great divine manifestation only a ‘two bow-lengths’ distance from him’ but God was not there even in that exalted court.

Finally, I looked into my own heart and there I saw Him; He was nowhere else.”

Or Prem Rawat:

”To be, so that you can understand! And only then, and then alone, does this breath become timeless—because your understanding, your understanding is timeless. You have exchanged the finite for the infinite. You have exchanged—you have become the ultimate alchemist.
You have taken earth; you have taken dust and truly converted it to the priceless. You have taken something that is so common and converted it into something that is uncommon—that all the ones before you did not have; you have done it. The greatest alchemist, the true alchemist.
That you have understood that this being here is not simply about the passage of time—but you have reached out of this and dare to touch the timeless. The finite, which you are, has dared to reach for the infinite. And that’s when this breath becomes timeless. That’s when this existence becomes timeless.”

Truth is in perception. Perception is in experience. Experience is in consciousness. And consciousness is in .....

But anyway, I know people are hypnotised by matter and the world - cue Russia!

Matt Franko said...

“ Truth is in perception”

Give me an example….

Peter Pan said...

With faith, you can find God in all sorts of places. Faith is experienced by many people, and faith is lost by many of the same people. I'm one of those people.

There is no truth. It's all perception.

And there is no reality that can be experienced outside of perception.

Truth, reality, are noetic constructs.

Peter Pan said...

But anyway, I know people are hypnotised by matter and the world - cue Russia!

Scott Ritter hypnotized me.
I wasn't interested in this conflict until I listened to his analysis.
He made it interesting.

jrbarch said...

Losing faith...

Hmmm ...
Some people believe there is a God (faith)
Some people believe there is no God (faith)
Both are believers (faith)
Some people would rather know
Knowing is better than believing.

If you don’t know it is honest to look your children in the eye and say: ‘I do not know’

If you do know, the funny thing is - faith is no longer required. Something to think about...

This was my conclusion:

Faith is not mandatory (belief a personal choice)
You can believe anything you like – or you can wait until you know
In either case, you don’t need a broker
If you are going to believe in anything, you should believe in you
You came, pre-packed, with everything you are going to need for your journey
If you need courage – dig it out. If you need love and intelligence, understanding – dig it out
You don’t need a crutch, or a broker
You were made, whole.

It’s only the mind, which is restless.

So, in regard to faith, nothing was really lost? Nothing was really found?
That’s the power of belief
You’re just back on your doorstep, greeting yourself after a long journey away, from home?
Be at home, living at peace, with you
Knowing comes when the field of the heart has been prepared ...

“Truth is in perception”.

For example:

Someone sits down, shuts their eyes, goes inside – and experiences nothing. Just the mind going round and around, pursuing its courses - an itch on the head. Their truth is in their perception – and who should argue with that?

Someone else looks inside – their experience is, there is but one Entity, one Thing, one Life, one consciousness, one heart, one mind, one Energy, one Radiance, one material, one beautiful and amazing, divine Reality - one beautiful Peace. They fall in love. Coming back outside the world appears fake – mahamรขyรข! Then they burst into laughter again and again.... I actually have a recording of someone doing that! That’s the perennial wisdom (in essence). Mind and everything in it, somewhere else – uninvited at that moment – slipped below the horizon of consciousness.

Read Rumi and Prem again – above. Their truth is in their perception.

And the music plays on regardless... whether someone is listening or not.

Peter Pan said...

Beliefs that are meaningful and nourishing constitute faith.
God is often the subject of faith since that is what we are introduced to by parents, peers and culture. Some say they believe, and some explain their belief in terms of faith.

Without faith, belief is closer to 'not knowing' than 'knowing'. Doubt creeps in.

Faith doesn't have to be about God, but it has to be about something meaningful.

Strong atheists aren't nourished by their 'knowledge' that there is no god. There is no such knowledge - none that can be arrived at scientifically.

What is known, and unknown, tends to become spiritually meaningless. When we know the sun will rise in the east, we stop having faith in the Sun god, Ra. What remains, are the aesthetics of sunrises, or its role in the larger narrative of what is known.

The unknown may or may not cause anxiety. Yet who among us finds nourishment in the unknown, in 'not knowing'?

Yet if everything were known, life would be boring.

Peter Pan said...

In religious traditions where life is a test, faith is like a shield that ensures you will endure and pass the test.

Peter Pan said...

If you do know, the funny thing is - faith is no longer required. Something to think about...

If you do know, faith is precluded. You will never experience it.
The same will happen if you delude yourself, by transforming believing into knowing.
The only control you have over faith, is to rule it out.

So, in regard to faith, nothing was really lost? Nothing was really found?
That’s the power of belief

Belief prior to experiencing faith is what it is.
Belief bolstered by faith flourishes.
Belief after losing faith will never flourish, or remain what it was.

When I was 9 or 10 years old, I experienced the reward of faith gained; then paid the price of faith lost. I imagine that experience is preferable to living your entire life with unchanging beliefs.