Thursday, June 30, 2022

The West’s self-defeating sanctions — Philip Pilkington

 Philip Pilkington makes the point that any competent economist or financial type would have been able to see why imposition of sanctions was insane and their effect would be opposite to that intended.

Now that the policy has been adopted, it is impossible to back down without looking foolish, even though this policy is destroying Western economies and undermining the objective for which it was imposed — preservation of the unipolar order that emerged upon the collapse of the USSR.

Well-played, if you were aiming the gun at your own feet.

The Critic
Philip Pilkington


Konrad said...

If the sanctions seem confusing and self-defeating, it is because we believe the lie that the sanctions are about Russia and Ukraine.

In reality, the sanctions are a smokescreen for the USA’s economic war on smaller nations worldwide.

Let’s lay this out…

[1] The West is dying. Russia and China are rising. The unipolar world is giving way to a multi-polar world. This same shift is also happening inside the USA. Power over abortions has been given back to the states. Again, unipolar to multipolar.

[2] The West is desperate to cling to whatever hegemony it has left. Therefore the EU and USA ordered Ukraine to attack the Donbas region, and threaten to join NATO, and threaten to position nuclear weapons against Russia and so on. The USA did this to incite Russia to intervene in Ukraine to stop the slaughter, and to stop NATO aggression.

[3] The West is using Russia’s intervention in Ukraine as an excuse to maintain a global economic war on smaller nations worldwide, forcing them to submit to slavery, or else starve. Ukraine is just a cover story for this; a distraction; a pretext.

Consider Sri Lanka, to cite only one example. In March 2022 Sri Lanka abstained from voting to condemn Russia at the UN. Sri Lanka (an island nation) was buying oil, wheat, and iron from Russia at half the price the USA charges. Therefore the USA is now blocking Russian imports to Sri Lanka in order to starve it into submission. Sri Lanka now faces famine. Riots are everywhere.

The IMF has offered to lend Sri Lanka $4 billion on condition that Sri Lanka only uses the money to buy overpriced Western food and fuel, so that Sri Lanka remains a debt slave forever, and does not continue its friendship with Russia and China.

This is how the USA is trying to maintain global hegemony as the USA dies. The USA cannot out-produce Russia and China. Therefore the USA seeks to maintain supremacy by brute economic force.

Submit to the USA or starve. Ukraine is just a cover story for this.

Smaller nations know all this. For example, the African Union has 55 member states. The EU worked for months to get the heads of the 55 states to join a Zoom conference call with Zelensky, so he could tell them they must all submit to the USA or starve, because “Ukraine” and “democracy” and “Putin is Hitler,” and blah-blah-blah.

The African Union kept delaying the Zoom conference, since Africa doesn’t care about Ukraine. Finally the Zoom conference happened on 20 June 2022, but only 4 out of 55 African Union leaders joined the Zoom call. The other 51 African heads of state (93%) boycotted the meeting. Washington was furious.

Latin America is likewise defiant. On 6-to-10 June 2022, Biden hosted a Summit of the America’s conference in Los Angeles. The goal was to use Ukraine as an excuse to threaten Latin America into continued submission. Grovel the dying USA or starve. The Summit of the Americas was a flop, just like the failed summit with the African Union. Several Latin nations boycotted it. Most Latin nations refuse to condemn Russia.

Again, Ukraine is merely a distraction, a smokescreen, a pretext. We cannot know what is really happening in Ukraine anyway, since Western politicians and media outlets tell nothing but lies.

Western media outlets want us to focus only on Ukraine. If we do that, we will be confused.

Joe said...

Interesting points Konrad. No doubt a lot of truth in it.

The African Union and Summit of the Americas debacles warms my heart. Although AMLO needs to watch himself. He's on thin ice, if he disobeys too many orders, how long until he's on a plane to Central African Republic?