Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Links — 7 June 2022 Part 1

A Son of the New American Revolution
The New Top Gun Movie Highlights America’s Incongurous Military Strategy
Larry C. Johnson | CEO and co-founder of BERG Associates, LLC, an international business-consulting firm with expertise combating terrorism and investigating money laundering, formerly Deputy Director in the U.S. State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism (1989-1993, and CIA operations (1984-1989)

Reminiscence of the Future
With "Professors" in "Military History" Like... [Fred Kagan, brother of Robert] (with their wives, they constitute the premier US neocon family.)
Andrei Martyanov, former USSR naval officer and expert on Russian military and naval issues

Moon of Alabama
Some Other People's Thoughts On The U.S. Role In The Ukraine And Europe

Lies About Russia Still Matter – a Lot (Ray doesn't mention it but if the GOP takes over Congress in the midterms, there will be investigations into the smoking guns.)
Ray McGovern, co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and retired 27-year career CIA whose tasks included preparing and briefing The President’s Daily Brief and leading the Soviet Foreign Policy Branch

The Vineyard of the Saker
Chen Wenlin (陈文玲), chief economist at the China Center for International Economic Exchanges

Teleconference: National Centre for State Defence Control chaired by General of the Army, Sergei Shoigu

You’re Only As Free As You Allow Your World To Be
Caitlin Johnstone

Katehon (Russian)
Democracy: The Failure of a System become Religion (the more apt term is "Western liberalism" instead of "democracy." Western liberalism is bourgeois liberalism–oligarchy of ownership– rather than democracy as government of, by and for the people. As such it is neo-feudalism, with ownership of technology replacing that of land.)


jrbarch said...

Re Caitlin’s ‘You’re Only As Free As You Allow Your World To Be”

A friend said: “When things on the outside get complicated, go back inside where everything is simple.”

One thing I have experienced when I sit down quietly and go inside (and I am not alone in this) is that the body is automatic. From a space inside of yourself you can observe this body being Breathed. The Breath coming in - seemingly from out of nowhere – only to leave again so that another may return. You can observe clearly, you are not this body. You are the consciousness that can observe this body; just as you are the consciousness that can observe the mind. Breath is a power that ebbs and flows, a swing on which we rock – a thread on which is gifted Life; but beyond our control. Breath is the pillar on which this body is supported. Without it, you cannot be. It is the greatest gift of this universe, to you. When a baby is born it is the first thing the doctors look for; when we pass from this world its absence marks death and dissolution of form, then restitution and recycling of matter. For Kings and villagers - trees, mountains, galaxies and the universes - it is the same.

The truly remarkable thing about humans is that everyone is so busy, no one is thinking about what it means to be without the Breath. Or, why it even exists?

The second observation is equally instantaneous, made from this space inside. Just as you are not your body (which is a vehicle, an automaton) you are not your mind. Mind is your shadow. Just as the sun creates a shadow from your body, the Self in you creates mind that is the ‘shadow’ of the consciousness that you are. This ‘light or consciousness’ conditions this shadow. If you fill this shadow full of garbage, it will suffer. And because we identify with the shadow we suffer along with it. The easiest way around this condition is to fill the shadow with good. The long-term solution is to realise the Self. People absorb incredible amounts of negativity, FUD and wonder why they feel bilious. They are also willing slaves and servants of their shadows or other people’s shadows. (In the perennial wisdom mind is also a vehicle – a more subtle body).

Ergo, most people think they are their (mind)-shadow. That is because they have never been taught how to focus inside of themselves, on the Self. To understand what their being, their existence, actually is. In the mind also, is an ‘I’ – (a wave in the mindstuff, a thought-form is the modern term): like Narcissus people are hypnotised by this reflection, their personality, wavering in the pond of the mind. Whatever happens to the ‘I’ happens to them. They are caught up in the roller coaster ride of the ‘I’. We are all subject to this illusion of Nature. We do not notice that it is the Sun of Self providing the light to the moon of the ‘I’. The self or consciousness is an observer and user of the mind – the ‘I’ grows from childhood but has no further use once the self is awake. The personality evolves intellect and the power of feeling but the Self and the self are the true ruler of this domain.

The ‘I’ has its ambitions, its wants and desires. We are conditioned to follow it, blindly. Whatever is happening in the mind is expressed in the outside world. War begins in the minds of men, where the ‘I’ resides – not in their hearts where the Self gestates. Breath possesses you and you possess nothing. Only awareness or consciousness – it is what you are conscious of that is important. That is why materiality does not suit you or satisfy you. The only thing that a human can possess, and only whilst you are alive, is what is in the heart - because that is our essential Reality. The sages all agreed on this one but in this Kali Yuga of iron, where everything is bound to mind, very few people understand.

jrbarch said...

Other than in the vapour of mind, philosophers, traders, art degree + STEM degree morons | geniuses, citizenship, race, breed, gender etc. – do not exist. They are all shadows. Dancing on the wall. You can spend your life hypnotised by this wall. In the heart, there are real, existential, human beings. If you want to know yourself, that is where you will find you and your ‘family’. Not in your mind. Not in the world. In your heart – then you will never be alone.

Either you are conscious or unconscious. What is Mâyâ, what is dreaming: what is being awake? What is intelligence and what is love – why is the world staggering around in an atmosphere, tumultuous, obnoxious, in their absence.

Whatever your mind makes you gather in this world, you cannot take with you. Mind makes humans quarry stone, build cities and kneel down to worship them- play out stupid deadly meaningless games: war has left the fields and occupied the streets; this is not who you are as a consciousness – a child of this universe. The heart makes you seek the reality inside of you. Which brings me back to the Breath...

Kabir said this was a rope, so that you could find your way back to your source.

Peter Pan said...

The naked ape's inability to accept its own mortality is a bug, not a feature.

The overwhelming majority of human suffering is of the psychologically generated sort which arises from the process of egoing, and the overwhelming majority of what’s left (starvation, violence, untreated sickness etc) is born of human agendas to exert control and hoard wealth because of egoing.

Neglects the fact that psychological suffering is due to our social nature. If there were no one to compare ourselves to, or be confronted by rules, ideals and expectations that are not are own, our 'ego' would do just fine.

There is a you, there are others. You are the cause of X, others are the cause of X.
X can be many things, such as joy or suffering.

There is suffering you can avoid, suffering you can limit, suffering you will endure, and suffering you will die of.

Denying my ephemeral existence wouldn't help me avoid, limit, endure, or accept suffering.
So I don't bother with such mental constructs, up to and including a belief in one or more deities. To me, they are not necessary. To Caitlyn, and jrbarch, and others, they are.