Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn: The Outsider

A superb fly-on-the-wall documentary about Corbyn. I joined the Labour Party so I could vote for Jeremy Corbyn. But I looked at Jeremy Corbyn and his team and I wondered how these well meaningful people were going to take on the bankers, i.e., international finance, with much of it steeped in organised crime. With a good team of professionals from the universities maybe we stand a chance. It's a shame Bill Mitchell, Randall Wray, and Micheal Hudson are not British, but I'm sure they would give plenty of advice.

I liked what Paul Craig Roberts once said about the Russian economy. He was in dismay that Putin may make neoliberal reforms and privatize some state assets to raise money because of the sanctions. He said they if Putin followed the advice of his neoliberal economists, Washington would have won because the US ruling class would buy up the assets to tighten the noose around Putin. PCR offered to go to the US to Russia along with Michael Hudson and Stephen Lendman to help reorganize its financial system which would wipe out the crooked Western one.


Published on 31 May 2016
In September 2015, veteran left-winger Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader of the British Labour Party. After 33 years as a back bench member of parliament, the 66-year-old became one of the most important politicians in Britain.

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Unknown said...

Kaivey, you may also want to look at what Alex Salmond had to say - Jeremy Corbyn Labour coup designed to stop him 'calling for Tony Blair's head' after Chilcot report, says Alex Salmond

“I have been puzzling as to exactly why the Parliamentary Labour Party chose this moment to launch their coup against Jeremy Corbyn and just what explains the desperation to get him out last week. It can hardly be because of a European referendum where [Mr] Corbyn’s campaigning, although less than energetic, was arguably more visible than that of say the likely big political winner Teresa May?”

He added: “I had a conversation on exactly this point with veteran Labour firebrand Dennis Skinner. He answered in one word ‘Iraq’. The Skinner line is that the coup was timed to avoid Corbyn calling for Blair’s head next Wednesday from the despatch box. Indeed many would say that when Corbyn stated that he would be prepared to see a former Labour Prime Minister tried for war crimes then he sealed his fate as leader of the Labour party.”