Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Why Brexit Is Good For Working People In Clear, Simple Terms

You may have all seen the excellent recent Mark Blyth video on Brexit. Here Jimmy Dore discusses it in more detail. (14 minutes long).  I have read many times how the elite believe that European wages are too high, and want them reduced to compete with China. Mark Blyth, a professor of economics, talks about that.


Scottish political scientist and professor of international political economy at Brown University Mark Blyth explains how the European Union effects working people who aren't big banks.


MRW said...

Good video.

Ignacio said...

Brexit is neutral outcome for working people. It all depends on what people does with that sovereignty.

Now brits can't blame the EU for their own neolib failure governments, but because the Uk is not on the EU that doesn't mean there is going to be a radical change on national policy.