Sunday, July 3, 2016

Nigel Farage accuses EU of 'poking Russian bear with stick' over Ukraine.

It looks like the progressive Right is far more progressive than the liberal left. Here Nigel Farage tells the EU straight that it was the West that caused the coup in the Ukraine and that we are deliberately poking Russia. He also mentions how the liberals and even the Greens supported the overthrow of Qaddafi. He then says about the terrible mess the West has made of the Middle East.

It looks like we have more chance of gaining world peace with the progressive Right - where even Trump makes more sense - than we do with the Left, who are now nearly all neoliberals.

Nigel Farage accuses EU of 'poking Russian bear with stick' over Ukraine, Nigel Farage intensified his attack on the EU's "vanity" foreign policy on Thursday as he accused Brussels of poking the "Russian bear with a stick" over Ukraine and of deepening the Syrian civil war by giving false hope to forces hoping to topple the Assad regime.


Tom Hickey said...

The political left such as it is has seriously lost the plot. The right is pwning them.

Bob said...

Nigel Farage always seems to be having fun inside that ossified chamber of Eurocrats.

Ryan Harris said...

Polls drive positions. And polls are about learning to phrase issues and questions to lead to policy objectives. Policy objectives are determined by moneyed interests like Kaiser, Greenpeace, Belfer, Brookings, Cato and the others who pay for the research and teach politicians how to win elections using their issues to divide and conquer. The problem is that those institutions don't represent the public interests but their politicians and academics continue to push on anyway and the public views government as wrong, but everyone knows the positions they take for their party by heart anyway and which questions to ask to figure out who is on their team. Bizarre human social failure.