Sunday, July 3, 2016

Richard D. Wolff — Economic Theorists: The High Priests of Capitalism

Richard Wolff traces a pattern of advocacy in social, political, and economic explanation. One might also call it persuasion.

Truthout | OpEd
Economic Theorists: The High Priests of Capitalism
Richard D. Wolff, Truthout | Op-Ed
Richard D. Wolff is professor of economics emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he taught economics from 1973 to 2008. He is currently a visiting professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs of the New School University, New York City. He also teaches classes regularly at the Brecht Forum in Manhattan. Earlier he taught economics at Yale University (1967-1969) and at the City College of the City University of New York (1969-1973). In 1994, he was a visiting professor of economics at the University of Paris (France), I (Sorbonne). His work is available at and at

Poverty Has Always Accompanied Capitalism
Mark Karlin interviews Richard D. Wolff for Truthout
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An interesting article. He's an excerpt:

Poverty has always accompanied capitalism (as Thomas Piketty's work documents yet again). As an economic system, it has proven to be as successful in producing wealth at one pole as it is in producing poverty at the other. Periodic "rediscoveries of" and campaigns against poverty have not changed that. Capitalism's defenders, having long promoted the system as the means to overcome both absolute and relative poverty (i.e. to be an equalizing system), now change their tune. They either abandon equality as a social good or goal or else try to avoid discussing poverty altogether.