Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alex Andreou on Greece

Good write up by an Alex Andreou that was cross posted at Naked Capitalism on the current economic injustice and needless social stress that is being inflicted on the citizens of Greece. Link to the post at NC here: "Democracy vs. Mythology". He includes some empirical economic data that may dispel some of the propaganda and stereotyping that has been perpetuated by the MSM about the economy of Greece being "sub-par".

Excerpt that is quite in paradigm:

Money is a commodity, invented to help people by facilitating transactions. It is not wealth in itself. Wealth is natural resources, water, food, land, education, skill, spirit, ingenuity, art. In those terms, the people of Greece are no poorer than they were two years ago. Neither are the people of Spain or Ireland or the UK. And yet, we are all being put through various levels of suffering, in order for numbers (representing money which never existed) to be transferred from one column of a spreadsheet to another.

Right on Alex! This guy gets it, let's hope his wisdom is contagious.

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